7 Direct Sales Companies You Can Join for Under $100

Direct Sales

What are Direct Sales?


We’ve all encountered them.

I currently have about 5 Facebook invitations awaiting my response- for lipstick parties, Tupperware sales, and clothing and jewelry trunk shows- all from friends who love a product enough to jump on the bandwagon and become a salesperson for a company they believe in.

The term direct sale refers to the selling of goods outside a retail environment. Direct sale products are usually sold by personal networking, online, and in-home parties.

More than 74% of the U.S. public has purchased goods or services through direct selling and Direct Sales in the U.S. totals $31 billion.According to the DSA, in 2011 64.9% of sales were person to person and 25.7% are the result of a party/group selling.


Is Direct Selling Profitable?


Not everyone is a natural salesperson and not every product is worth selling. But with the right product and plenty of hard work and determination, direct sales can be extremely profitable and many people who participate in direct sales are very successful.

 Normally, these people are outgoing, self-starters with lots of drive and perseverance.


Benefits of Direct Selling


There are many benefits of direct selling.

With direct sales, you can be your own boss, set your own hours, and work from home (as much or as little as you desire).

You can meet great people, use great products, and throw parties for a living.

Direct sales companies often provide amazing promotions and deals for their sellers, often including big items like vacations and vehicles.

You get to sell a product you actually believe in.


How to Get Started


Many companies are easy to join for a low startup cost. You can join by signing on under an established seller or visiting the company websites.
If you think direct selling may be for you, check out this list of seven direct sales companies you can join for under $100.00.


Seven Direct Sales Companies to Join for Under $100.00


  1. Mary Kay– $100.00
  2. Younique– $99.00
  3. Wild Tree– $49.95
  4. Herbalife- $57.75
  5. Scentsy– $99.00
  6. Rodan and Fields-$45.00
  7.  Usborne Books and More– $70.00

Before You Jump In


As with anything else, use caution before joining a direct sales company. Know as much as you can about the company, product, and expectations before you commit. Watch out for scams and pyramid schemes.

If you think direct sales may be your ticket to working from home and being your own boss, search for a product you can really get behind, work hard, and have fun.

What’s a product you love enough that selling it would not feel like work? What have been your experiences with direct sales?


Best of Luck!

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