Five Awesome Side Hustles to Make Extra Cash Today

five awesome side hustles to make money today

What is side hustling?

If you’ve spent any time searching the web for ways to make extra money, you may have encountered the term side hustle. A side hustle is a small, side job you can do on your own time that brings in a little extra cash.

Some people really work the side hustle thing and can generate substantial income, but many others just work to bring in a little extra cash here and there.

With side-hustling, the sky is the limit. These side jobs you can work as much or as little as you want to meet your desired income goal.

I’ve put together a list of these jobs to give you some ideas.

Five Easy Side-Hustles You Can Start Today:

  1. Merch by Amazon

Okay, guys, this is seriously the coolest thing. Merch by Amazon is a relatively new program that allows graphic designers to upload their tee shirt designs to sell online via Amazon.  Amazon takes care of the production, shipping, and customer service, all with no upfront cost.

If you love fashion and are familiar with the right graphic design software, this could be a fun side-hustle for you.

  1. Rev

I’ve written before about transcribing and captioning to generate income from home. Rev is a company that pays freelance writers to transcribe, translate or caption videos and audio recordings. You must take a short test to ensure you are a competent typist and understand basic grammar. This only takes a few minutes.

Rev pays weekly via PayPal. The average typist earns $245 per month, with the top monthly earnings at $1495!

  1. Sell Stock Photos with Alamy

If you are looking for a solid place to sell your photography, check out Alamy.  I recommend Alamy for serious photographers because they pay a little more than other stock photo websites.

Alamy charges customers around $500 for an advert, $150 for a book title, and $20 for online use; and the photographer gleans 50% of the sales price.

Alamy also boasts ethics, philanthropy, and there are really no limits on what you can submit.

Some other places you can sell your photos are  Adobe Stock, Getty Images, istock, and Shutterstock.

  1. Test Websites

If you’re spending time online anyway, why not get paid for it? Some companies will pay you to test their websites. While there are lots of these companies out there, here are a few with competitive pay:

User testing ($10/$15 per test )

Userlytics ( $10 per test)

Userfeel ($10 per test )

Testing Time (up to $50 per test)

Test Birds ($21 per test)


  1. Flip furniture and home décor

We’ve all heard of flipping houses. If you have an eye for design and love a good DIY project, maybe you should consider flipping furniture. Spend some Saturday mornings scouring garage sales and flea markets for cheap items that can be restored or made-over. You can give these items new life and sell them easily on Facebook, Craigslist, craft fairs, or maybe even rent booth space in a boutique. Flipping furniture presents a very low startup cost and can be a good creative outlet or side-hustle over time.

Flipping furniture presents a very low startup cost and can be a good creative outlet or side-hustle over time.

Side-hustles are a great way to supplement income or just make a little extra cash. I hope this list has been helpful.

Best of Luck,

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