Ten Brilliant Work From Home Ideas for the Entrepreneur

work from home ideas

I have always loved the idea of working from home.

No cubical, no clocking in and out, and being my own boss sounded like a dream to me and I know I’m not alone.

I’ve scoured the internet for work from home job ideas enough over the years to know there is no shortage of information, but if you are not interested in starting a blog or taking surveys, these internet searches can often leave you discouraged.

Here’s a list of ten brilliant work from home ideas for the entrepreneur.

Ten Brilliant Work From Home Ideas For the Entrepreneur

  1. Start a home bakery

A good friend of mine knew she wanted to stay home after her first baby was born early last year. She quit her office job and turned her love of baking into a career, opening a home bakery. With no advertising other than the use of social media, she had instant success and was soon turning away customers because she could not keep up with the demand. If a home bakery sounds like it might be a good fit for you, just find out the codes and regulations for your area and you’re good to go!

  1. Become a Caterer

Another friend of mine ran a successful catering business from her home for years. She loved the flexibility of being able to stay home with her family and be her own boss while doing something she enjoyed (cooking!). Again, a quick google search or phone call can give you all the information you need about safe food handling, codes, and regulations for your area.

  1. Sell a Service

Be your own boss and set your own schedule by offering a service. Housekeeping, landscaping, resume writing, the possibilities are endless!

  1. Meet a Need

Have you noticed a need in your community you could meet?

A creative entrepreneur in my town took advantage of a perceived need and turned it into an income opportunity by offering a local grocery delivery service.

She commented, “I always hear people complaining about going to the grocery store, but I actually enjoy grocery shopping”.

Clients send in their grocery lists, she takes care of the shopping and delivery for a fee. Everyone wins.

  1. Childcare

If you are patient, compassionate, and love kids a home daycare may be an option for you. Childcare is always in high demand, so offering a quality, trustworthy home daycare can be a great way to create income and stay home.

Look up DHS licensing requirements for your state before you begin. It’s also a good idea to create a thorough, legal contract between your facility and clients which clearly outlines payments, work hours, and holiday expectations.

  1. Sell a Product

If you are a natural salesperson, consider selling a product from home. There are plenty of direct sales opportunities to choose from that can supplement income and allow you to work from home. Just do your research before you sign up and beware of pyramid schemes.

Not interested in direct sales but want to sell a product? Maybe a home boutique is a better fit for you. You can buy wholesale items that fit your niche, partner with local artisans, or create your own inventory to sell from home. Shopify, social media, Etsy, eBay, and Amazon are great platforms to launch a home boutique.

  1. Tutor

Are you an expert in a field or subject? Do you have a love of teaching or an educational background? You could help others and be your own boss by becoming a tutor.

  1. Teach a Skill

If you play an instrument, excel in a sport, or boast a particular talent, consider turning your skills into income by teaching others.

  1. Cash in on a Hobby

What activities do you enjoy that you could turn into income? Do you love photography? Are you great with computers? Do you sew or crochet? Many of the hobbies we enjoy can easily be turned into an income opportunity.

  1. Sell Crafts or DIY Projects

Are you a maker? You can sell your creations in craft fairs and boutiques.

A friend of mine recently launched a new business where she turns her beautiful home-décor creations into cash. She rents a booth from a local vendor, travels to craft fairs, and advertises on social media. Her creations are in high demand, and she now lives her dream of staying home full-time with her two boys.

If you desire to work from home but were not sure where to start I hope this list has your creative juices flowing.

Work from home ideas are endless and working from home is a feasible possibility if you know where to start, believe in yourself, and work hard. What are some of your creative work from home ideas? Id love to hear your stories, comment below, shoot me an e-mail, or find me on social media.

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